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Production by Cali Rivera



May the God of Abraham, of Isaac and Ishmael; the brilliant light of memory of the infinite, the supreme strength of the Universe, source of enlightenment for monks and shamans, God without a face, creator of the Cosmos, source of wordless sound and action, may this God make us feel the soul the of the Earth within us and may it reveal the wisdom that is within everything that exists.  May the truth that is written in the soul of destiny, be manifest in our time.  And so, religions and ideologies invented to create conflict, that destroy nature and divide humanity, countries, brothers, may come to an end.  May the power of prayer leave a trail of LOVE in the World and may this convince us that we are all One in rich and varied diversity.
The time of unification has arrived and there is only one creator spirit for us – Humans.
Cali Rivera 2015

Versión español


Plegaria Rohingyas1.Supplication for the Rohingyas (prayer for travellers) 

The Rohingyas are a Muslim people, persecuted by fear and forgotten by the world.  Even though they have inhabited Birmania for generations, their rights – including their civil rights- have been denied throughout history.  They have been victims of rampant persecution and hate from their own governments. The Rohingyas can’t travel, get married or own land without permission.  It seems that the only thing they have a right to have, is persecution itself.  These natives of Arakan – currently Rackine, the second poorest area of Birmania- are discriminated against by everyone.  They are discarded immigrants, forgotten by the world. Bitter history would make them seem a despicable threat to their detractors: phantom rivals that they persecute by land and by sea.  May Mother Earth protect them, let their pain end and may they fly far away towards a sky of peace and freedom.



Plegaria Balticos2. Prayer for the Baltic people.

The inhabitants of Estonia, Latvia, Livonia, Courland, East Prussia and Lithuania, countries surrounding the Baltic Sea, were slaves for many, many years. They were victims of the pain caused by Nazi domination. This region of the planet- previously known as the Soviet Union- is full of hope and optimism, but it has a history of persecution written in blood.  The ghosts of pain and slavery have marked its skies.  Sweden, Norway, Russia, Finland, Poland Germany and Denmark are part of this group of nations situated near the Baltic Sea, and even so, some of them have been their oppressors.  Once again, the desire for power and human selfishness has left its mark.  May all people find their centre ¿? , may the breeze of peace and restoration not diminish and may these lands be filed with love!



Plegaria musulmanes3. Prayer for the Muslim people.

Muslim lands are comprised of 46 nations.  They extend from Africa, Asia and Europe.  Even though they are vastly different from each other by economic, historic and ethnic characteristics, they are all united by one religion:
Islam is an ideology that came about in the VII century, by its prophet Mohammed.  Some of these countries for a long time belonged to the Turkish Empire and in WWI some of them were annexed to colonial European empires.  None the less, most of them gained independence after WWII. These new Muslim countries have not managed to generalize justice, or equal rights, there exists great difference between them.  Oil and riches that some- like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Brunei- posses show great contrast with other countries that are among the poorest in the world- like Afghanistan and Sudan- which are not helped by their population growth.  Over the last several decades, these countries have been enveloped  in multiple conflicts that reach global dimensions.

We don’t know what destiny awaits the territories occupied by Palestine and Israel. This land is drenched in innocent blood.  An idyllic God, misinterpreted by various doctrines, keeps them in constant hate between brothers and intervention by distant lands only serves to increase conflict, placing the entire planet in great risk.  This is all due to misunderstood deities, which have been drawn up by selfishness.  May divine light be manifest and may it give discernment to each man and woman from these sister nations!



Plegaria Siria4. Prayer for Syria.

One of the most devastating wars of the XXI century began in Syria, in 2011.  Instigated and inspired by other conflicts that had been taking place since 2010 in some Arab regions, they led to groups of citizens rising up against the state in a series of protests. The rebellion demanded respect for human rights and they accused the government of bloody and violent corruption.  The state responded mercilessly and so a widespread conflict was born, where leading major powers like Russia, China and USA have taken an interest. The Syrian civil war in 2014 already had a death toll of more than 200 thousand, of these, 63 thousand were civilians.  More refugees keep adding up to the alarming number of 3 million.  In the midst of the conflict, the Syrian government has presented diplomatic crises with Turkey, Israel and Lebanon: we are facing absolute chaos and the incapacity to dialogue reigns on all sides of the conflict.  Diverse organizations accuse them of having committed grave human rights violations, as well as war crimes.
May universal transmutation wait no longer, and may hate end!  May friction disappear!  May mercy reign and may the Mother Goddess suckle them all!



Plegaria Israel5. Prayer for the land of Israel-Palestine

Since 1917 this blessed peoples’ critical situation interweaves itself, in search for a national Jewish home. The Balfour declaration published in the United Kingdom on November 2nd of that year, already pointed to the offering of a niche for this historically persecuted people.
Instigated unrest rears its head throughout time.  Israeli and Palestinian land is one and the same.  Fear and pain have provoked nefarious exoduses, showing us as the worst species of the planet.  The much bombed Gaza Strip is also Holy Land, but it seems that in those areas there exists no respect or right to a decent life.  Religion doesn’t seem to help at all.  This is a prayer for all Palestinians, Israelis, and Arabs.  It is a deep supplication for the Holy Land and for all cultures throughout history that have inhabited it.



Plegaria Huicholes6. Prayer for the Huichol of the Mexican Sierra.

These are the children of the Western Sierra Madre – of Nayarit and Jalisco- that remain pure since the times of the Conquest and notwithstanding the imposition of modern Mestizo culture.
Its sense of community, its devotion to the earth and its simplicity, contrast with its wonderful multicolour artwork.  Its mysticism is born from the iridescent blue of the sea, bathed in the immense light of Mother Moon.  There are very few ethnic people in Mexico that keep their original beliefs, cults and traditions at such profound levels, as the Huichol.
They are warriors of the supernatural.  They are an artistic people that have remained unscathed from outside influence along the centuries.  They are guardians of Peyote. Creators of art full of wonderful symbols made with multicoloured beads and worsted.  The growth of modern civilization has deprived them of their sacred lands. Cultural imposition, growth policy and mining projects threaten their rights.
May this prayer reach far, on wings of blue butterflies!  May ancestral culture that is the leading force of their lives, be respected and their humanity remain intact!  May their aquifers be not affected by mining!  And may eternal spirits come forth in defence of the home of their gods!



Plegaria Butthan7.Prayer for the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Located on the Himalayas - between India and China- we find a dreamland country.  The happiest country on Earth: with less than 1 million inhabitants, in less than 34 square kilometres. This country defines the quality of life of its people by the measure of their happiness. This is known as Gross National Happiness, as opposed to the over rated Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and in this way it establishes equilibrium of spiritual and material values.  This is definitely an example to be followed by all the nations of the planet.   
Their two most important spiritual pillars are Buddhism and Hinduism.  Unfortunately, with the passing of time, their stability is being threatened by poverty, unemployment and foreign debt.  Today I raise a supplication for this natural sanctuary, full of tireless monks and prayers!  I ask the Great Spirit that the ghosts of money and modernization don’t break its wings and that happiness remain its banner, so that its light might be transmitted to the world in this time of rebirth. 



Plegaria turquia8.Prayer for the women of Turkey.

Before the watching eyes of the entire world, turkey is just one more country.  Muslim by choice, its archaic patriarchal system has covered its victim heroines with a veil of doubt and mystery.  Fear and inequality are present in the extreme and are the cause of much pain.  Domestic violence, justice executions (murder in the name of honour), induced suicide and discrimination, are part of everyday life.  Exhaustion starts to be evident.  Despite new legal policies and a greater openness to the European Community, to be born a man or a woman marks a vast difference in the life of citizens of this ancient empire.  “Crystal angels with broken wings, basted with metal”, that is how we could describe its women.
This prayer cries out for the elimination of the chasm that exists between what the law ordains and what custom dictates.  May equality be a reality now!  May the winds of change take these dark veils and may the rights of these people be restored!  May divine mercy cover their lands and soften the hearts of their men!  And may a new order come to give freedom!

revelaciones Pigmeos9.Prayer for Africa – the prayer for the Pigmies.

In the centre of Africa, in the Congo, hunters live in the equatorial forests, groups of humans characterized by their short stature.  I speak of the Pigmies. They have been exploited throughout history, undermined and exhibited as circus attractions.
They have no rights or citizenship.  These slaves of pain have always been beaten and used by their own ancestral neighbours.  Despite more than 70 thousand years of history, these small singers have not been respected by many.  The Pigmies protect their life with extremely complex songs that seem to be a cry for help, to the Immensity.  Their mantras based on butterfly wings are the intricate expression of an ancestral people.   
May their songs rise up to the sky and may a thousand butterflies carry the message of hope, may the creative spirit of the Jengi forest protect them and fill them with love.


revelaciones Grecia10. Prayer for Greece.

The cradle of philosophy rocks in uncertainty; it becomes a childless house.  More and more humans leave its coasts searching a haven, poverty flirts in the absence of the Gods of Olympus.
After the past 5 years, the Greek crisis is nearing a point of definitions that will have profound consequences for all 28 countries of the European Union.
Just one of its mausoleums, just one of its architectural works, could pay for the millions that comprise its foreign debt.  Their Human Heritage seems to have been erased from everyone’s mind.  The politics of its European Union brothers seem to warn that the only thing of ay importance is the Euro.  Austerity could not be more severe in this country.  Even so, Greece does not give up and it tries to re-establish itself, taking leave of a deceiving brotherhood that has only led them to poverty.
May the deep blue of its Aegean Sea vibrate its harmony with the Cosmos!  May equilibrium return!  May freedom be bestowed on all of its lands!  May its islands be more prosperous and may the suffering end!  Free and Eternal Greece.



revelaciones Inmigrantes11.Prayer for the immigrants.

The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians seems to be interminable.  Hundreds of thousands of persons are shipwrecked in their search for freedom.  They cross the Mediterranean, mainly from Syria and Turkey.
In 2015, the Muslim state has cast out a massive amount of immigrants that little by little reach different coasts of Europe looking for a breath of reconcilement.  Different reactions surprise the world.  While Germany seemed to open its borders, others raise up barricades to avoid their brothers.
The exodus continues and the waves of the sea keep dragging down innocent victims.   Hopelessness and fear invade Europe and selfishness riles up furious multitudes as a result of the arrival of the innocents.  
The die is cast.  No one wants to be obliged to take on foreign pain.  Hearts are hardened, some from pain, others from fear and from the selfishness that characterizes the beings of this Earth.
The time for unification and imminent change has arrived.  The end has begun; the time of truth is here.
May humanity learn its lesson and may everyone open their hearts to freedom.  May war not be in vain, may the Queen Mother protect them.  May Yemanjá manifest herself and give maternal shelter to all those abandoned by their gods.  That from her heart, crossed by a sword, emerge hope in this new time of infinite pain.  Peace be to people of this planet, rest and health to the immigrants of current times.


revelaciones Genocidios12. Prayer for the genocides.

Genocides happen all the time, all over the world; in plain disinterested sight of a tired world.
Despite de fact of 30 thousand years of coexistence, irrational desires for extermination prevail.  Dozens of holocausts have occurred.  Already into the XXI century, we are still staining humanity’s sad history with blood.
Now a days, when we speak of Peace, we couldn´t be farther from reality.

Here follows a taste of the self flagellation to which we, the citizens of this planet, have exposed ourselves:
The Palestinian holocaust (1920- to this present day), the Kurdish genocide (1988), Cannibalism in Uganda (1971), Massacre in Ruanda (1962-1994), the Cambodian hell headed by Pol Pot, the Viet Nam war (1964-1967), the French massacre in Argelia (1956-1962), the destruction of Dresden (1945), the WWI, with more than 15 million victims (1914-1918).
WWII with its 70 million deaths (1935-1945), the Jewish holocaust (1933-1945), the Stalinist purges and famine, terror in the Congo  caused by Leopold II (1835-1909), the ravages caused by the British Empire (1799-1834), Europe’s America conquest of America with over 120 million exterminated natives (1812), the fall of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), religious war in France (1562-1598), the Mongol massacre (XII century), the Crusades (1096-1444) – these are just a few of the most nefarious crimes on the planet, and let’s not forget genocide in Guatemala and Chile.
I close 2015 with a Peace banner, its message:  the cease of hate and union between all peoples.  With brilliant mourning that gives thanks and forgives, that vibrates intensely from Cusco to India. That pleads forgiveness from the Creative Spirit, forgiveness for all souls that are impoverished by hatred, selfishness and fear.
May humanity learn that we are all ONE and that Love is the way to live in society: an ancestral wish, of which we still have not become conscious.  
May one voice be raised that prays for all humans, but may it be raised in silence.  May mercy be with us, may a song for freedom be heard loud and strong from the Baltic and cover all of humanity, may all voices be one in one sole prayer, one sole clamour.  May this lament reach the heart of our Mother Earth.  May forgiveness and Freedom be granted us.
May the ancient chants of Buddhist monks be multiplied and may Peace reign in the hearts of all persons of this planet.





1.    Prayer for Muslim peoples / 2.02 mt x 66 cnt / Mixed- Textile ensemble intervened with paint and objects.
2.    2. Prayer for the Baltic peoples / 2.21mtx 64 cnt/ Mixed- Textile ensemble intervened with paint and objects.
3.    Prayer for the Kingdom of Israel-Palestine / 1.82 mt x 67 cnt/ Mixed-Textile ensemble intervened with paint and objects and natural flowers.
4.    Prayer for the Kingdom of Bhutan / 2.07 mt x 64 cnt/ Mixed-Textile ensemble intervened with paint and objects.
5.    Prayer for the Rohingyas / 1.80mt x 67 cnt/ Mixed-Textile ensemble intervened with paint and objects.
6.    Prayer for Turkey /  2.02 mt x 67 cnt/ Mixed-Textile ensemble intervened with paint and objects.
7.    Prayer for Syria / 2.15 mt x 65 cnt/ Mixed-Textile ensemble intervened with paint and objects.
8.    Prayer for the Huichol Indians of the Mexican Sierra / 2.07 mts x 65 cnt / Mixed-  Textile ensemble intervened with paint and objects.



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